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Our Films are made as a team, three filmmakers, directors each starting from their specific background.
This given derives inspiration and dynamics. We complete each other’s ideas, motivate each other.
On set we minimize the crew to the core-team to ensure spontaneity and safeguard the vulnerability of our characters.

After our first adventure in South Africa, Cape Town Soup, we saw our hometown  Rotterdam  in a different perspective.
It sparked the ambition to make Rotterdam’s Tears. No great drama’s or contextual background as portrayed in Cape Town Soup.
Yet no city, even Rotterdam is merely about riches and fortune. This and a film by Wim Kayzer triggered our desire to exclusively portray
the city’s youths instead of the old and wise of society. Our quest via workshops at schools and local community centres Rotterdam’s youth
whom shared their view on what makes life worth living, what offers solace. And we were fortunate to meet a lot of them.

Out of all these people we chose the ones which struck a nerve, we could relate to. The interviews we held
turned into spontaneous conversations. We chose the locations, somewhat alienating them from their day to day reality.
Each scene is comprised as it was a photo, shot from a tripod, no zoom, no movement.

It is a treat to observe young people sharing what moves them. This is ( was ) what we intended to capture.
Without avoiding the evident clichés we watch how they move in, and regard the city. How they muse over
the city touches us, comforts us and serves as a contrast.

We like our films to be associative, curate the different images to engage objective viewers
to look at the city and its people in a new and different manner, over and over again.

Film is made by: 

Artists: Marieke Helmus, Femke Monteny, Yoka van Zuijlen    
Coach: Noud Heerkens    
Advice and idea of: Natasha Schulte    
Soundtrack: Andreas Suntrop & Machinefabriek/Rutger Zuydervelt    
Public Relations : Harald van der Sluys Veer    
Business management : Winke Rintjema  



Voor boekingen van Rotterdamse Tranen kunt u contact opnemen met

Winke Rintjema – Zakelijke Leiding | winke@wachtendemannetjes.nl





Boekingen: Winke Rintjema - winke@wachtendemannetjes.nl